The KEY Nursery story begins in Lebanon with Claire Maassab, a passionate educator, who considered nurturing and educating children her calling in life.

  • Claire’s passion for taking care of children was not thwarted by the ongoing civil war in Lebanon.

    In fact, she made a way to care for the children of neighbors and friends despite the circumstances, and was truly fulfilled by finding ways to distract children from the atrocities surrounding them, and providing them with meaningful learning experiences. 

  • Claire realized her dream of opening a nursery in 1981 in Beirut with only seven young children and a teacher.  

    At that time, the idea of a nursery was unconventional, especially with a war taking place, however, Claire was committed to her dream. Despite there being two other nurseries in operation in Beirut, and the concept not being common, Claire managed to end her first formal year with nearly six times as many children than she opened with: 40 children.  

  • The nursery steadily flourished thereafter as more parents entrusted her with the care of their children.  

    When Claire became ill, she never let go of her dream to care for children. She visited the nursery whenever she could and put together a plan for who would continue her mission when she was no longer able to. Claire’s daughter, Nicole, carried on her mother’s mission to care for children and positively shape their lives.  

  • Since then, she has developed and expanded the institution in Lebanon with the help of dedicated educators, staff, and organizational partners. 

    In addition, her partnerships have enabled the network to expand overseas and open two KEY Nursery locations in Dubai with many more on the horizon. Today, after more than 30 years in operation, the KEY Nursery network has positively touched the lives of more than 6,000 children.   

  • Our network now has four nurseries in operation across the UAE and Lebanon and has many more in the pipeline.  

    We look forward to continuing to fulfill Claire Maassab’s vision by bringing the KEY System® to other parts of the world and allowing more children to experience its unique curriculum and be positively impacted by it.  

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