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  • BDL Beirut Marathon 2015

    On Sunday, November 8, 2015, the Claire Maassab Nursery team joint forces with Brave Heart Organization and the Beirut Marathon Association, who successfully took over the Reunion Point tent at the finish line.

    The Reunion Point tent was led by a number of talented and efficient volunteers, who proved to be competent and worthy to the task handed to them. Members of the Claire Maassab team had also been spread out before the start line, placing informative bracelets on children's wrists, explaining to parents the purpose of the bracelets, writing the required contact information on the bracelets, and sticking them on children’s hands.

    As a result of our presence at the finish line, the team was able to successfully reunite 42 unguided child with their guardians, via a safe and smooth proces

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