Position Title: Nurse

The Nurse is responsible for treating children’s basic sickness/injury or any on-site accidental incidents. 
Typical responsibilities of the job include but are not restricted to:
Organizes and manages the nursery’s clinic (or nurse room)
Ensure medical equipment is appropriate and well maintained
Ensures hygiene and safety procedures are undertaken at the nursery, such as hand washing, diaper disposal and sanitation 
Prepares and updates health files for each child, and send reminders to parents regarding their child’s vaccination schedule
Tends to medical needs of children on a daily basis
Provides primitive first aid treatment when necessary, until professional medical help is obtained 
Receives management approval before transporting a child to a hospital or medical clinic
Writes detailed accident and incident reports, sent to parents/ doctor informing them of the child’s status, if the child has been exposed to any contagious diseases or has taken any type of medication
Sends notice to management and parents if a child is examined in the clinic informing them about the child’s health condition
Provides primitive first aid treatment when necessary, until professional medical help is obtained
Administers medication (after contacting parents and management) to children when needed, and closely monitor children with allergies
Schedules and conducts fire drills
Execute policies and follow proper procedures in case of emergencies
Raise parents’, children’s and nursery staff’s awareness of safety and health issues
Conduct first aid training to nursery employees
Assists parents who need to consult with an education/health professional (e.g. speech therapists, counselors, physiotherapists, physicians, etc.)

Nursing Certificate recognized by the Lebanese Government in addition to إذن مزاولة عمل
Arabic and English or French
Experience in the same or similar domain is preferred
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